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I want to search and exhibit a diversity of forms of objects design through a more social approach. A preoccupation carried out with a plurality of actors as well as in a diversity of places, sometimes even atypical.

I undertake a process of observation and reflection linking design to its environment by integrating myself as much as possible. Preserving humans as well as natural resources and our ecosystem are major preoccupations in my research.

A major axis of reflection in my work is the link that people and spaces undertake on objects. Defining and choosing the final object as well as possible together by carrying out prior dissections and operations on materials with the help of tools and machines and giving the possibility to test and experiment in different ways the qualities of the products are as many actions that I carry out and appreciate.

These multiple actions allow me to enrich and develop my creativity while pushing my reflection in order to imagine new creations.



Email :       Telephone : +33 6 77 43 01 41

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